The Barth port

Since 1990, Barth Port has developed into a starting point for nautical tourism and into a shipyard location for trade shipping as well as for sports shipping.

There are electric power connectors as well as mains hoses in the entire docklands. Facilities for the disposal of faeces are provided for sports boats in the shipyard and for trade shipping, with their own pump, at the ballast box. Barth shipyard also provides a yacht service, a filling station for water, a filling station for carburettor fuel for diesel fuel and an engine service. There are cranes up to 45 tons for unloading ships.


Office of the harbour-master
Mr. Wenke
Hafenstraße 10 a
D-18356 Barth

+49 38231-66964
or +49 178-3963826

Marine radio: channel 15
(Mon - Fri from 09:00 - 19:00 hours during the season)

Opening hours:
mondays 15 Uhr -16 Uhr
tuesdays 10 Uhr -11 Uhr
wednesdays 15 Uhr - 16 Uhr
thursdays and fridays
10 Uhr - 11 Uhr
or on previous agreement by telephone

Schiffswerft (shipyard)
Werftstraße 2c
D-18356 Barth
Tel: +49 38231-6840


Yachtservice BarthHafenstraße 28
18356 Barth
Tel.: +49 38231-2740


Marina "Am Stadthafen"
(at the city port)
Hafenstraße 12
D-18356 Barth
Tel: +49 38231-66964