Journey to Barth
Travel by car

from Berlin to the Prenzlau motorway exit, then via the B 109 via Pasewalk, Anklam, Greifswald, Stralsund. In Stralsund go in the direction of Rostock up to Löbnitz then follow the road up to Barth
from Hamburg to Wittstock motorway exit, then via the A 19 to Rostock, then go in the direction of Stralsund on the B 105 to Löbnitz, then follow the road to Barth
Arriving from the south via Berliner Ring (Berlin ring road) motorway to the Hamburg motorway exit, then the Wittstock motorway exit and continue in the direction of Rostock. Take the B 105 in Rostock in the direction of Stralsund to Löbnitz and then follow the road to Barth

Arriving by train

Train connections: via Hamburg - Schwerin - Rostock - Ribnitz-Damgarten - Velgast - Barth
via Hamburg - Lübeck - Wismar - Rostock - Ribnitz-Damgarten - Velgalst - Barth
via Berlin - Neubrandenburg - Greifswald - Stralsund - Velgast - Barth
via Berlin - Rostock - Ribnitz-Damgarten - Velgast - Barth

Arrival by bus

Buses leave every hour from Barth to Fischland Darß Zingst Peninsulas, to Ribnitz-Damgarten, to Stralsund and to the rural area, in some cases with a trailer for bicycles (see photo).

Please click here for the full timetable, for the regional bus routes, for timetable inquiries and for much more information ...

Arriving by plane

Ostseeflughafen Stralsund-Barth GmbH
18356 Barth

Tel.: 0049 (0)38231-89551
Fax: 0049 (0)38231-2480



Additional information on the airport

Arriving by boat

Information on Barth Port and opening hours of
Meiningenbrücke (a bridge)

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