Tour of the city
- The market square, St. Marienkirche (St. Mary's church) and House No. 2
We start our tour in the redesigned market square and see Barth’s St. Mary’s Church. The building of the brick church began around 1300 and it was mentioned for the first time in 1325. The church was created in 3 building phases, where the choir to the east is its oldest part and built in the early Gothic style.

The organ, which was created by the Berlin organ builder Buchholz and his son, promises a unique sound and is one of the particularly valuable organ monuments in Germany. Its special quality lies in its own beautiful sound and in its historic significance. With its 42 original stops, the instrument is the largest preserved work in Germany of the Buchholz organ builders and is at the same time the great early work of the son.


In the market, there is House No. 2 (3), which is under a preservation order and in which Gustav IV, King of Sweden was received on 16/07/1800 by representatives of the Barth city parliament.