Baltic Sea Airport - Sightseeing flights and flights for taking photos

Enjoy our attractive countryside from the bird’s eye view. An experience that is guaranteed to leave behind lasting impressions.

Sightseeing flights can be planned and flown from Barth. Four-seater of Cessna 172 airplanes are available, which are particularly suitable for taking a look out as the wings are on the top of the plane. Three adult passengers or two adults and two children up to 10 years of age can join in the flight. All the prices below apply to the airplane, irrespective of the number of passengers.

We carry out sightseeing flights to the destination of your choice. The air fare will be calculated according to the flight time required. Flights with stopovers are possible as well with prior agreement.

Our proposals regarding flight routes: Barth - Prerow - Zingst - Barth: 70 €
Barth - Born - Darßer Ort - Zingst: 80 €
Barth - Wustrow - Ahrenshoop - Darßer Ort - Pramer Ort: 140 €
Barth - around Hiddensee: 140 €
Barth - Hiddensee - Kreidefelsen - Bergen - Putbus - Stralsund: 230 €

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